Kieron Merrett for GPEx Trade Union Liaison Officer

12 copy cI’m excited to announce that I am standing for the Trade Union Liaison Officer position in the 2016 Green Party Executive (GPEx) elections.

I’m the Secretary of the Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU), as well as an activist in Kingston Green Party and a member of the Green Party’s Campaigns Committee.

By day I’m a full-time Regional Organiser with a major Trade Union, campaigning in particular with low-income, often migrant workers in outsourced services such as cleaning and catering, amongst others. I have been involved in the Trade Union movement at all levels, having previously been workplace Shop Steward, Branch Secretary and now Regional Organiser.

I also continue to be a lay activist in the Trade Union Movement. I’m an Executive member of Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council, and the National Trade Union Officer for the Another Europe Is Possible campaign. Recently, I’ve been speaking at various Trade Union conferences and meetings, persuading them to vote to remain in the EU and campaign for a social and environmental Europe.

As an LGBT activist within the Trade Union movement and one of only a small (though thankfully growing) number of LGBT Trade Union officers, I have also represented my union at events such as London Pride, and I’ve also been active in supporting LGBT members in my region.

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With my colleagues on the GPTU committee, I’ve been working hard recently to bring the Trade Union movement and the Green Party closer together. I’ve also got several plans as to how I can develop the role of Trade Union Liaison Officer over the next two years. Read more about my recent activity and my plans for the role here.

I’m delighted to have received widespread support from across the party in standing for this position. See my proposers for the role here, and I will be adding endorsements to this page as the campaign goes on.

Finally, please do get in touch if you’d like to ask me about anything. I look forward to hearing from you!


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